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    TheGeeks is OPEN

    (Note - If this is breaking forum rules, then would request moderators to delete my post.Thank you) is a well know E-Learning private torrent site. Is part of the click group of private torrent, especially theVault which is a site for business torrents.

    Membership was closed for ages and tough to get in. Even now it is difficult to get a membership to theVault.

    The geeks site is now open for a short period for registration. This is the link,

    There is a Business:Investing category on that site which has some stock market related material.

    If you are a member with theGeeks and get a good ratio, I assume it might be easier to get a theVault membership later.

    People interested should take advantage of this opportunity and register on thegeeks before they shut down new registrations.
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    Bulak- As a moderator - I don't see any problem with your post.

    We all thank you for it.


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