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    Lightbulb EAs for CryptoCurrecy

    Hello Everyone, Im 3 years followind and analyzing Cryptocurrency World now is more avabile 4 all this new kind of moneyflow , most of major broker and every day new broker implement crypto for ECN and STP account , lets start trade 24/7!

    In my experience have seen lots of GithubProject and some tools for AutoTrade Crypto thats make PingPong on MA , most of Forex EA need modifications about volumes and other indicator setting for give work prop

    Choosing ETH/LTC or some other secondary crosses for primary EA and other with little portion balace its right configuration, trade primary on BTCUSD can make not so predictable but crosses are all correlated to BTC and major AltCoin now is 1/3 market cap BTC other is Altcoin

    Have someone experienced with some crypto TradingSystem ? used GeneticAlgorithm, grid config or trend follower

    Best Regards

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    I've been told that Trading View is the best charting platform for crypto-currencies - I'm not trading them now.

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    no many ppl trading CryptoCurrecy here.

    i know telegraph has lot of groups discussing CryptoCurrecy but you need to know the link to join.


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