GBP USD technical analysis and gbpusd signals
Published: Friday, 10 November 2017 23:16
GBP News and Analysis today and the technical analysis of FOREX currencies and recommendations and trading signals of free instant currency from Gold Pattern
Technical analysis of the GBPUSD at the end of this week's trading indicates
that the price of the Sterling gbpusd reached the buyer saturation area
As the pair rose against the dollar during the week from 1.3040 to 1.3227
This rise represents the ABC zigzag pattern and the pattern ended near 1.3227
Which represents an opportunity to sell to take advantage of the potential decline
The GBP / USD technical analysis, currency analysis, and the outlook for the pair
and trading opportunities
The GBP pair is preferred to sell on the Global Forex Exchange
That is why Gold Parttern offers a recommendation to sell trading signal today
GBP / USD directly to all traders and forex traders
sell @ 1.3220
tp1 @ 1.3150
tp2 @ 1.3100
sl @ 1.3260