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    Smile I have a request!! $$$EA

    Hello ALL,

    It's been a while since I posted last.
    I am fine thank you!!

    I hope everyone is well. Miss you ALL>>

    SO I have a request today.

    I tried this on a different forum but it did not go as planned
    so I would like to try it a different way here.

    I have an EA which has been performing well.
    I tried to have it decompiled so I could share it freely
    as it contains my name and account number and I
    wanted to remove those points but that plan failed
    as I sent the EA to an individual who claimed he/she
    could decompile it but the character disappeared from
    the forum after I sent the file. LOL! how careless of me.

    SO These are my terms this time around:

    I need a decomplier capable of tending to the latest
    mt4/ex4 builds. I would like the decompiler sent
    directly to me, I will send you my email address.
    I will respect your privacy and I will not share the
    decompiler or name embedded in the program with
    anyone other than myself.

    In return, I will send you a copy of the EA to your
    email address. You will be free to distribute it as
    you like. You can sell it as your own brand or give it
    away for free or do whatever your heart desires.

    In one year from the day the copy of the EA is sent
    to you, I intend on sharing it freely on this forum as
    I have shared everything else in the past.

    These are my terms. My apologies that most will
    have to wait one year to receive the EA, but it was
    the best and fairest plan to reward the participant
    and give that person enough time to capitalize on
    our transaction.

    Who knows. The person may just share the EA for
    no cost and everyone may benefit from this right
    away. I don't know. It is a possibility though.

    I intend on keeping the identity of the participant
    confidential so please do not ask who I sent the EA

    THAT'S IT! Any Questions??

    Love you ALL, miss you lots XOXO

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    Based on the above post it appears you have been trying very hard to share this EA of yours. You even take the path that is not intended by the original developer of the EA (which is of course none of my concerns). But out of curiousity may I ask what motivates you?

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    I paid $25,000 for the EA. Itís performing very well, however itís locked to one account even in backtesting mode.

    I would like to find a broker with higher leverage so I can trade multiple pairs at once, but once again I canít do that because the EA will not backtest in other brokerís accounts.

    I contacted the seller about this and the individual agreed to finding a way so that I can backtest in other broker accounts and further agreed to offer me the EA to use with several accounts locked to my name and account number.

    The problem is: I havenít heard back from the seller in about 3 months and after trying to contact this individual via email and Skype, the contact info is no longer active and also the phone number where I called before purchasing the EA has been disconnected. For all I know, we have a R.I.P. situation.

    I tried the send the EA way, whereas I sent the EA to someone I met through a board but that episode ended with the character becoming M.I.A. I believe greed took over after seeing the potential of the EA and the character decided to keep the goods for him or herself. I donít want to repeat that episode and that is why Iím trying to do things differently this time around.

    So there you have it in a nutshell!
    Any other questions?

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