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    The Trading Guru Method. $5,000 a Month Guarantee!

    As the old adage goes, What is the easiest way to end up with $5,000.00 trading?

    Answer... start with $10,000.00

    This a cautionary tale for newbies and gullible traders alike, hope it helps.

    What is presented here is the one the best methods for pulling profits from the trading industry, so please read ahead.

    If you have been trading more than few months, demo or trading with real money, probably you have been exposed to the following. Whether You Realize It Or Not. One thing is for certain, less-than-honest merchants knows this very well. Even its considered as an inside secret by some... How to pry fools from their money!

    Okay, are you ready? Here we go. First you have to create your very own "original" Forex/Futures/Stock Trading Manual (make your pick).

    Too much work? Don't worry it's easy! Just collect free available information about trading or use what you have lying around and compile it into an ebook. This format is important because it cost you nothing. I'm sure most of you already know about this part, so let's move on, shall we?

    One must try to make the first 100 pages about the history of the Forex, interbank markets, Commodities Futures or Stocks trading, brokers and how they work, etc. This will gives your ebook extra padding and make it look like it has a lot of valuable content. Does this ring any bells. yet?

    Then you need to get to the heart of your ebook, the actual trading method. Don't fret, this is also very easy, just put in some more stuff about basic trading system such as moving average crossover and maybe one proprietary indicator but don't worry about this one either. Because the proprietary indicator only work in the mind of the author ala (insert your favorite guru here)

    Please remember, this is important, you have to show textbook examples of the suggested trading so go over your charts and cherry pick some trades that shows these methods actually working.

    Also a good tip is to make your trading system as subjective as possible. If you define clear and strict mechanical rules your customers will quickly going to realize your method does not work. But if you are vague and subjective in every single trade selection they will be left out wondering and will doubt themselves instead of blaming you. No pun intended, well maybe a little, if the shoe fits...

    Now, If your clients ever contact you (emails preferably) then you can always blame them for not using it correctly.

    Okay, what is next for you to build your website and sell your ebook for $299 or $199 special discount offer, got it? But wait, if anybody "buy it today before midnight" they can get it for the introductory offer of $99 or or maybe $49. Is a real steal, I know

    Of course a money back guarantee will be offered, but if someone dares to request a refund just ignore it since a large percentage of the buyer will not bother to take their refund request any further.

    You should see money coming your way by now. All this without ever trading, not even once!

    But wait, it will get even better....

    Okay, once you have mastered the Trading Guru Method you can move onto the...

    Trading Guru ADVANCED Method

    This method will require you to have a bit more of personal image so you will need to make up a history about yourself, how you have been trading for 17 years, after your father taught you have to trade, etc. Remember you suppose to be a nice person and because of it you will personally train a lucky few in online room, say 100 of them for a price... how$99/person sound? This will be a monthly fee, yes, each and every month for perpetuity.

    Use of the money coming to you and hire a high school senior with some programing experience and create a trading room in which your victims, sorry I meant clients, will get together trying to make sense of things. Once again do not worry about this part either. As many others has done before you, you will trading in SIM! Calling trades after the fact or asking "Who else got in on this or that trade with me?". You will be asking after price clearly have moved on your favor or will post your entries only when you can show a clear winner. You will also overemphasizing your winners and will make lame excuses for any losing trades. After all you are the Expert, remember?

    Obviously, your victims... arr, again, sorry your clients! Will be even more confused than when they started. Therefore you will make a promise to them. You'll make a personal commitment to then and will do something very special in the upcoming weeks. Just take the ebook concept and turn it into an Advanced Trading Method CD/DVD course or better yet... online course which its close to free to you as it can get. Once more, do not worry the content provided will be about the same as found in the ebook. This time presented on 7 cd's workshop format. Just put one topic on each cd and expand upon in more detail. Do make couple of jokes here and there to make time an fill the tape.

    Dress it up in fancy packaging with colorful folders and glossy papers. Sell it for $499 along with a few extras bonus. What bonus items? Who cares, it worthless anyway. The whole concept of this is to convince your customers that they are getting extra value for their money.

    Every few months you will present to captive audience a new indicator to dress up you already faulty trading system, some of you clients will be catching with you by now. So you mix things up, with new indicators every now and them, adding bells, whistlers and flashing colored lights to keep things new and fresh. You should adopt a motto as well, something like whatever worked in the past will not work nowadays, that's a fact Jack! Keep the hopes up eyes of your teary-eyes followers, hoping one day to be as good as you. Praises will follow. - On a personal note: I almost barf writing this part, geez.

    Now onto the true GOLDMINE - Group Seminars and Workshops.

    All you have to do is place a few adverts in your local newspapers and run a 2-hour free introductory seminar promising to teach Secrets to Riches of Trading for a Living

    This seminar will be your hook into getting people to sign up to a $3,000 - $5,000 weekend workshop. The good thing about doing these seminars/workshops, is that you will mostly attract people whom mainly knows very little about trading experience, so they will not be able to compare what you are offering to someone else, or even realize that you can't trade your way out of a paper bag.

    During the workshops you will only be teaching the same content as was found in the original ebook. Moving average crossovers, proprietary indicator, etc. Got the idea here?

    Well my friends there you have it, hopefully I didn't scare you too much and sincerely hope it helps some of you to be a bit more wiser, at the very least open your eyes being aware of the situation surrounding you. You don't want be the next victim of these predators. Therefore, consider yourself been warned.

    Obviously this was written tongue-in-cheek but either you found it funny or maybe useful, please don't forget to acknowledge it by clicking the Thank You button. I'll appreciate it.

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    I learned a lot from the forum for this. is very meaningful for me to follow this program?

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    Wow thank you swordfish. How can I click thanks? Where is the thank you button?

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    Got it thx

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    Very well put Swordfish !

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    anyone try thesee before ? seem a creepy ohh sorry a nice way to earn.
    perhaps we should formed a team and made our own strategic learning.
    first seminar would entittle as ; Training For Living.

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    "What is the easiest way to end up with $5,000.00 trading?

    Answer... start with $10,000.00 "

    But all of this is very true (although I know one guy that is selling a forim for 99 Usd/month and where I learn the most valuable things I know so there are exceptions). Well forex is without mercy, we all know it.

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    Thanks a lot swordfi$h. I found your post very useful AND funny..... and yes a lot of truth in what you said.

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