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    About Us
    Mocaz Financial Markets Limited is a global provider of online trading services. Mocaz Financial Marketsís innovative trading technology provides market access and highly automated trade execution services across multiple asset classes, including foreign exchange (FX), contracts for difference (CFDs) and indices etc. to a diverse client base of private, professional and institutional investors.

    Mocaz Financial Markets Limited is regulated by the Seychelles International Business Authority (SIBA) and is bound by their rules and regulations in the conduct of its trading business. Mocaz Financial Markets Limited is registered in Republic of Seychelles and is consequently governed by the Companies Act, which includes a requirement to have the financial accounts audited each year by independent accountants. The company comprises a team of professionals, combining experience, skills and dedication.

    Our service also offers professional charting, market research, and advanced trading tools, plus a wealth of education and training. Whatever your level of trading experience, Mocaz Financial Markets has the resources to help you make the most of the global markets.

    Legal & Regulation
    Mocaz Financial Markets (MOCAZ) is authorised and regulated by the Seychelles International Business Authority (SIBA).

    As a SIBA regulated firm, Mocaz Financial Markets is obligated to meet the stringent standards set by the SIBA, submit financials reports on a regular basis and undertake detailed annual audits. This includes ensuring that client funds are held in quality Tier 1 banks approved by the SIBA. All money received from our clients are treated as "Client Money" under SIBA client money rules.

    Under these rules all client money must be kept separate from company funds, in a segregated account and at no point can client money be treated as company assets. The Company cannot use client money to cover its own needs, expenses and risks or utilize those funds in case of insolvency. This means higher protection of investments for all clients. Client money rules form one of the most important parts of the Seychelles financial regulatory system related to consumers.

    If a SIBA regulated company fails to meet its financial obligations, a liquidator would not be able to use client money to meet claims of general creditors of the failed company. Client's funds can only be used to pay out compensation to clients who held deposits with the company.

    Key benefits for Mocaz Financial Marketsís client
    Like all companies regulated by the SIBA, Mocaz Financial Markets is obliged to meet strict financial standards including capital adequacy requirements. Mocaz Financial Markets submits financial reports to the regulator on a regular basis. The SIBA has the right to fine companies and/or terminate a company's regulatory status for violations.

    The regulations require that Mocaz Financial Markets:

    Maintains sufficient liquid capital in excess of the regulatory capital requirement
    Does not include any debt outstanding to the company as part of this capital
    Undergoes a detailed annual audit performed by an independent financial auditor.
    In compliance to the requirements, Mocaz Financial Markets holds customer funds in secure customer segregated accounts with reputable financial institutions. Funds, whether classified as client funds, are kept in Euro Pacific Bank Limited, St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

    for more detail visit :
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    Let me give you some advice. If the website looks "cheesy", don't associate yourself with that group. In my opinion, the first thing you should do before joining a business is to check out the appearance of the website and comb through each and every page. Look for phone numbers, business addresses (and see if you can look it up), do they have 24 hours customer service, information on corporate officers and also do thorough research on the company and look for complaints on same.

    Too many people fall for fancy words that try to entice you for your business and you should not fall for it. I have an advantage because I've been doing this before many members on this forum were born but I strongly advise people to do their homework before committing your money to a broker, trading systems, groups and especially those 1,500+ scammers that sell useless programs on ebay.

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