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    Thumbs up Strategy for beginners to learn

    I am trading fx for 1 and a half year. I try many strategies and lost my money many times.
    I do not believe forex can help me to make money.
    However, I just find a man who shares a strategy that makes him 4000 profit per month consistently.This gives me some hope that forex can help me to make money
    Check it here
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    Have you learn from videos and e-books? Do you open a demo account first before you open up a real account? If you do open a real account without a demo account account first. You are gambling your money away. This is absolutely very dangerous. Because forex can't be treat like casino. You need to exercise on reading a chart. Candle stick is the best for the newbie. I hope this will help you in trading.

    Happy trading.

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    Forget it!
    If somebody can make money in forex, they don't need to sell his/her edge...
    Can make hundred times more just trading..

    My advice: Learn and never give up!

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    No one will help you but yourself

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