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    Technical Analysis

    Where should I start from if I am new to technical analysis? which study shd I use? Thanks

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    YOu can start with:

    BOllinger bands
    Moving Average

    I'm using SaxoTrader, and it's been serving me great so far. still demo though hahahaaaa

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    try start with rsi or moving averages. read from or alot of websites are quite helpful.

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    Personally if I was just learning Technical Analysis all over again the most important tip I would use is that "less is more". Start with something basic like moving averages. Throw some on the charts, get some ideas for possible trade setups, test them out. Learn how the MAs might improve your trading.

    Then try another like Bollinger Bands. Get a feel for it then move on.

    I would recommend no more than two indicators on the charts though to start. Just develop a "feel" for the market and how these indicators work.

    The worst thing you can do is overload your chart with indicators and cause yourself paralysis by analysis. So just work through one by one to increase your comfort level and understanding and then you can develop more complicated tests as your knowledge increases. Once you start to feel good about TA you can begin to look at others' systems. Most people do this step the other way around but I think you should have a good foundation before digging into other peoples' systems because until you do you will never truly "get it". A good foundational knowledge is the building block to later success, but it starts one piece at a time.

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