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    24/01/2012 Daily Currency Futures and Open Interest Report

    The report below shows levels of open interest in currency futures market. The data is based on Chicago Mercantile Exchange Daily Volume and Open Interest Report. Data provided by the report contains Open Interest from the previous trading day.
    Interpretation and analysis – GainForexSignal Team

    Euro FX

    Date 24/01/2012
    Last extreme 31/10/2011
    Total Open Interest 310,527
    Net Marginal Change -5,107
    Marginal Accumulation 183,471
    Change in Total OI (%) 81.54

    The Euro’s Open Interest dropped 5,107 transactions in Monday’s trading. Total Open Interest is still above 300K mark. Since the last decline Euro FX added total 81% of the total interest. This does not include a drop in December’s delivery. The last accumulation extreme in this market was in late September 2011 and accounted for 100%. We assume that this could be a pattern. We might come to the end of the interest cycle soon. The price action remains above 1.30 handle. As we still expect the price to correct, the long term bull trend is anticipated. We still hold 30% of the long position with the take profit 1.3070.

    Date 24/01/2012
    Last extreme 13/1/2012
    Total Open Interest 190,954
    Net Marginal Change -2,427
    Marginal Accumulation -23,836
    Change in Total OI (%) -11.2

    A further drop in the British Pound open interest amounted to 2,427 transactions. Cable has been dropping for a few days now. As we mentioned last night, British Pound dropped over 9% since the beginning of the 2012. As expected GBP/USD is trading higher. We recommend to buy cable on pull backs.

    Date 23/01/2012
    Last extreme 27/12/2011
    Total Open Interest 164,481
    Net Marginal Change 573
    Marginal Accumulation 34,979
    Change in Total OI (%) 26.39

    Yen futures increased another 2,978 in Friday’s session. Yen has now accumulated 34,979 or 26.39% new transactions. The price as expected spiked this afternoon. Given the COT sentiment and large change in the commercial short positions, we expect yen to weaken in coming sessions. Buy USD/JPY on dips.

    Date 24/01/2012
    Last extreme 01/11/2011
    Total Open Interest 40,062
    Net Marginal Change -423
    Marginal Accumulation 40,527
    Change in Total OI (%) 142.74

    Swissy’s futures interest remains flat. Traders decreased futures open interest by 423 positions. The rate of increase has been flat in over a week. The price of USD/CHF has fallen. We assume that the anticipated top is in place. Expect rebound to test the resistance. Only 10% decrease in open interest will give a reason to enter full short position. GFS recommends selling USD/CHF on rallies.

    Date 24/01/2012
    Last extreme 19/12/2011
    Total Open Interest 138,991
    Net Marginal Change -691
    Marginal Accumulation 36,331
    Change in Total OI (%) 25.23

    The Australian dollar’s open interest dropped by 691 positions. This is a first decline in this market since the 5th Jan 2012. We assume uptrend as strong. Given the correlation between AUD and Gold, we expect a correction and further gains in the coming future.

    For the full report including graphs please go to

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    thank you very much

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