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    Suggestion for changing "New Posts" and "What's New" buttons

    I am finding that "What's New" and "New Posts" buttons return basically the same results. Why have two of the same thing??? I have a better idea...

    First, I have a problem. If I haven't been here in a couple days, either of these buttons will return up to 100 threads of "New Posts". My problem is that when I start going thru them, at some point when advancing pages, I get the message "Sorry, there are no new posts" (or equivalent; I don't remember the exact wording). Bottom line, it just happened to me and I missed the last 78 posts!

    Why not change the button "What's New" to "Posts in the last day", so that if we get cut off like above when going thru the "New Posts", we will have a way to resume going thru posts we haven't read???

    Hopefully Management can implement this or something similar soon...

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    Yes, could be handy, indeed.
    Now, here is what I do, to overcome this little problem, if I have left for few hours/days.
    I click like you do on "whats new" and if I have few pages, I open each of them in different tabs, then I can take all my time.
    And I open each thread I want to read in different tabs as well. When read is over, just close this tab, and so on.
    The only problem, is that sometimes I have too many tabs opened and it can slow down processor (even with G chrome)!

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    Good idea, Freddy although I must say that I don't have the problem that Deisel has.
    Another suggestion, since I am not interested in Brokers or Programming threads, is to just go for the Strategy Threads. They are in order of latest posts.

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