If anybody have all this ebook (bellow) please share with us; Thanks before.

1. 13 steps to mentalism by corrinda
2. the jinx (now on cd) by
3. conversation with mindreader (now on mp3) by ben cummings
4. mind, myth and magic by TA waters.
5. ted lesley paramiracles
6. artfull mentalism by Bob Cassidy
7. sizygy complete volume by lee earle
8. mental magic 1-5 by basil Horwitz
9. any book by james randy
10. mitox by phil smith
11. colours books by phill golstein.
12. on writting by stephen kings.
13. psichological subtleties 1 and 2 by banacheck
14. switchcraf by elliot j bresler
15. and finally anneman mental magic.

1. tea with allison and jack
2. 1001 books of kenton kneppers
3. upsilon, omicronand sigma (3 books) by cavally
4. millard longman acidus saga (this one book cost more than $250)
5. greg acre simple minded and friends books.