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    No Profanity PLease!!!

    Please stop using profanity! It is discusting and it is distracting.

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    I totally agree. I've been in this forum a few months now, and gained some good stuff and experience. I also hoped that I've been able to reciprocate. "However," I've noticed in quite a few Threads just lately I can’t help but notice the impoliteness has increased. We are supposed to be traders and newbie traders helping each other. If you do have a disagreement with someone then please attempt to deal with it on a more professional basis rather than resorting to what I would call a "Gutter" kind of attitude. When people start behaving like this in the forum, it makes me wonder are they really serious about their trading career or are they still in Kindergarten?
    It is also a surefire way to achieve minimum help from anyone else including myself who will do anything to help a fellow trader in his quest for success.

    My two cents.


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    I agree totally, this forum has no place for profanity nor for degrading of others who post EA's, Indicators and Methods that they may not have agreement on.

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    I`ve been refered to this forum by a friend . i have come , listened i was just looking at the threads that you can see without even beeing registered . I am a kind of person which listens , and speaks only when and if he has something to say . There is a lot of usefull information on this forum , and i wish it will remain like this . I have to apologize , as my contribution to this forum was just in telling another member to grow up .... that is mainly because , i just trade manually ... so no ea`s to share ...and also the systems i use , have been already posted, explained, modified hashed and rehased ... So basically , i have found that usually the most simple systems work!!! and give constant results ... So i am really sorry i have`nt found something useful that i could share and has`nt been shared already here . If anybody found my language inappropriate , well i would like to apologize .

    Never the less , a lot of good traders/people/members are on this forum and can give a piece of advice to all of us ... So let`s keep it simple , and let`s make money !!!

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    I've been around this forum for quite some time and have found that lately, there has been an increase in profanity. I have reported some of the worst of it (including within the last day... you may guess who) and will continue to do so. This is not because I am some kind of prude, who analyses every sentence of every rule of the forum, but because intelligent ppl can always express themselves fully and pleasantly to others without being rude.
    Even more important, is the ability to make that other person see your point without them taking offense, or feeling wounded.
    That way, constructive arguments can be built.
    We really need to have some strong authoritative movement from the moderators, such as closing threads and banning ppl and stating they were closed/banned because of profanity/harassment, etc. Otherwise, II will become trashy, I'm sorry to say.

    Leading ppl up the garden path is another problem... but I will look for a more appropriate thread to discuss that. If there isn't one I'll start one in this section.

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