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    Anybody know good signal site?

    I started Forex 2 years ago.
    but I have a lot of experience MarginCall in forex.
    so I want to trade on stable environment.

    Which signal site is good? Do you know any good signal site?????

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    Lower your risk dont get greedy and become patience
    cos if u are going to use a Signal service then u still need to use risk managment
    they also have sometimes loosing trades

    my advice try to find a system where u need a lot of patience so that u already learn that and then find some info about riskmanagment
    signal services sounds maybe a easy way to get money but if they stop there service then u need to find a other one and u learned nothing

    Good luck

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    choice is youself...

    I also have experienced a lot of margin call in the past.
    but now, I have been using this site( before 3 months.
    I get 2% of earnings, and feel satisfied.
    The most important thing is the stop loss.
    good luck~^^

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