Hi guys..
It has been a loooong time since I check in this lovely forum..

Many nice changes here, I think bro David had worked hard for this forum. Very good job..
Actually, I have already hold my Currency Trading since Jan 2010.
Due my office-job business which made me headache and I almost have no spare time during NY-GB market, so I decide to move my fund to slower market: Reksa Dana (until now, it already gave me almost 32% since last January, y/y).
Since I'm a former of currency trader, sometimes I made my Reksa Dana analysis based on Currency Technical Analysis hehehe..
And guess what.. It took soo long to BUY and to SELL. At least I have to order the day before Reksa Dana market to open, and have to wait my withdraw transferred to my account for a week.

Then somehow I missed Currency Market again.
So I decide to open and re-learn from our beloved forum..

Hopefully I can still have ability to learn Currency again.

Wish me luck, guys..