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    my lierty reserve account hacked

    My liberty reserve account is hacked unable to log in also my contact mail .is hacked un able to log in , what to do when I go through to password recovery my hacked account do not show the message from liberty reserve when I log in liberty reserve and log as i forgot my pass word they sent via the same e mail adderess but i dont get this message in my mail account please show me what to do.

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    this reply is a bit late but here's what u should do.

    contact LR immediately and have all access to your acct blocked. let them investigate. NEVER LEAVE ANY MONEY IN YOUR LR ACCT!!

    if u need LR for transactions. calculate the sum plus fees. leaving only cents in your acct. this is for payment and withdraw everything after receiving payment for withdrawal. take care.

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    LR account number and password will be sold by their own mid-workers in any criminal.
    I know at least 10 LR clients and I also, where the account was robbed.
    IP protection and 12-digit PW.
    I have made a complaint against those responsible for LR, prosecution offices in Costa Rica.
    the address.
    '[email protected]'
    '[email protected]'
    Display always on both addresses.
    Together against LR
    Years ago, was wanted by the boss.
    Read here:

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