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    (req)Experienced guidance

    Hello friends this is checkmail and think it was much late for me to join this forum, but still am trying to pick up the pace.But am encoutnering lots of problems specially in profitable indicators available.

    Have tried nearly all types of superindicators, but none is getting me profits.
    even testing this indicators make loss of time, instead might use it or trading.

    Want some advise from experienced traders here to share some of their working and profitable indicators along with its strategy/ even an all in one simple indicators like superindicators, etc stuff.

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    First off, give up on the idea that there is such a thing as a "superindicator". None exists. All indicators are derived from manipulating price data in some form or another. That being the case, you are much better off going directly to the source and dealing with price alone with no intermediaries. All profits in trading result from price moving away from your entry price. Up if long, down if short. Therefore, one can only profit if some form of a trend occurs after one enters. The most surefire way of having a clue whether price will continue in your direction AFTER you enter is to see that it is doing so BEFORE you enter. That which is in motion tends to stay in motion. The fact that prices/markets have trending periods remains the single most quantifiable edge available to traders. Most indicator-based traders are not relying on the trend, they are looking to try and profit from reversals in trends. These types of traders are ignoring the edge that trends offer. They are making trading more difficult than it needs to be. Couple some form of trendfollowing with common-sense money management and you will be profitable.


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