GBPUSD 14th Oct 2010

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This is my trade for today. As u have seen.. It crosses +1/8..
So I am targeting 27pips again (Shorting GU)...

This time, actually, I am a bit no confident in this trade.... Cos, in M15, it is it is near 5/8... room to goes up..
But, I still believe in the power of +2/8 & +1/8..

Good Luck to me in this trade...

Just an small updates
For tuesday & monday, I have loss 30pips each day.

I enter at -1/8 in the afternoon of singapore near 4pm both time... The MML refreshes.. while I am in trade.
But, I choose to ignore it while both time is 20pips profits... & it retrace but to my entry price & hit my 30pips stop loss...

Lesson learn... Do not be too greedy... Wahahhaa..

Good night... risky.. going to bed with my trade open....
Forex GOD... pls come to me tonight.... Wahahahhaa


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  1. chankl78's Avatar
    Gone in 4 hours... Refreshes while I sleep..

    Wa hahaha...

    No more night trade.....

  2. scarface's Avatar
    well done my friend. I like your great work.

    I wish I have time to dicuss and share a lot of things.

    Hopefully whenever I finish the project I'm doing now, I will come back with a lot of interesting things.

    Keek the good work,

    Best wishes,

  3. chankl78's Avatar

    Me now having reservist... So cannot trade either..