GBPUSD 24th June 2010

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Today analysis.
Seems to be downtrend by M15, but higher timeframe is still up in H4 & D1. Let's see today.

D1 Chart

Interesting... EWO is still strong up.. Will it still goes up? Hmm... Maybe. I also do not know... Let's see the lower timeframe EWO to decide.

H4 Chart

EWO is still going up.. When this EWO is going for down, I think I will enjoy the ride down.

Dearish Divergence is forming. But, I could be wrong. until it is confirm by the next few bars.

H1 Chart

EWO is a bit high, seems that it going to come down soon.. But anyway, will wait for confirmation.
I might go for selling today.. But wary of the long.... as EWO in D1 & H4 still valid.

M15 Chart

EWO for M15 is coming down. Is it the starting? Looking for H1 to see the confirmation.

Good luck to all.. Trade at your own risk.


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