GBPUSD 23rd June 2010

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Here is my guess today on this pair.
All timeframe EWO is pointing up. So mostly, today, it will goes up. Still waiting for signal for it to come down.

D1 Chart

EWO is going up instead of down we see yesterday. I think the GBP Annual Budget must be very good.. So that's why it continue to goes up.. I also do not know..

Anyway... let's continue to wait.

H4 Chart

EWO is continue to goes up.. Just break the Level 0. So that's means still got room to goes up.. Anyway... let's continue to wait for EWO signal.

H1 Chart

EWO is not that clear over here. Anyway, EWO is more bias to up... Let's wait & see..

M15 Chart

EWO is basically directionless. So waiting for london session. It looks like there is a 1 push up if this Elliott Wave counting is real. Can target ard 1.490.

Trade at your own risk. Since last week, GU had been going up & down.


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