GBPUSD 22nd June 2010

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Wowo.. it is a very long time I did not post my analysis here. Sorry. I am too caught up with my work so no time to do posting. These few weeks also.

Now, I am trying out a new strategy again with Advanced GET indicators. Will keep all updated in very near future.

Today analysis.

D1 Chart

Looking at the EWO, I am waiting for the signal to turn Red. Cos when the red signal is confirm, I think it is the start of the Wave 5.

H4 Chart

EWO is currently coming down. So I am targeting 1.454...

H1 Chart

In here, maybe there could be a retracement. But anyway, let's continue to monitor the EWO signal.

M15 Chart

EWO is preparing to come down. Let's wait until london session open in 50mins time. We will know if it is going up or down.


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