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  1. GBPUSD 6th Oct 2010 Trade No. 2

    Let's try again in selling..

    This time, it is more risky as it is at +1/8

    Let's see if I can get my 30pips.

  2. GbPUSD 5th Oct 2010 Trade No.2

    Same Reason as the 1st trade today.
    But this time, target only 27pips.

    Good Luck

  3. GBPUSD 5th Oct 2010

    Trying my 50pips luck again...

    Caught this one at near -2/8. This is my best position to enter trade.

    I found a good rule using MML (Murrey Math Line)
    Enter at -2/8 or -1/8 (Long Trade) or +2/8 or +1/8 (Short Trade) Go for 50pips TP, 30Pips SL...

    Let's see how it goes...


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  4. GBPUSD 4th Oct 2010

    It has been a very long time I did not post my analysis here.

    Cos of my work . Today have some free time.

    Just taken a trade...

    Hopefully, it will be a winner....

    I took this trade is because, it is at Murrey Math Line 8/8 when it been rejected.

    I am targeting 4/8 (1.5808)..
    My stop loss is just above 8/8 (1.5873)

    Good Luck to me..
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  5. GBPUSD 14th July 2010

    Wahaha.. Got some free time... Doing my analysis... Done it within 15mins... Record breaking... Wahaha...

    Here is my guess today. Trade at your own risk. Cause this few days, it is strange for GU.

    D1 Chart

    EWO is going down... despite a upmove yesterday.. So this means that yesterday is a retracement up..
    So I am still looking for signal to for down move today.

    H4 Chart
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