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  1. GBPUSD 14th Feb 2011

    All my 4 trades r in profits.

    The problems is whether I know how to keep profits.

  2. EURUSD 14th Feb 2011

    My other trades still there incase you ask.
    Wa ha ha..

  3. USDCHF 14th Feb 2011

    Have short this.
    1) Based on ATR, still have room to go down.
    2) MML is 7/8 coming down more.
    3) Best of all, there is a M to confirmed.

    Let's see if going to hit my target.

  4. 14th Feb 2011 Guesses

    This is just a testing using my new system. So whatever written here might not be real. Just guesses. So if you follow it, it will be at your own risk.

    I will only start trading in another 2 to 3 hours, waiting for M & W signals.
    So what is happening now, might not be happening in 2 to 3 hours time.

    THis blog is just to see whether my prediction come true or not or just another cannot make it system I have.


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  5. AUDUSD 11th Feb 2011

    Ha Ha ha,..

    Think I must learn to control my trading...

    Same reason as EU.

    AU is now at -2/8.

    Hope for the best now.

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