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  1. GBPUSD 14th Feb 2011

    All my 4 trades r in profits.

    The problems is whether I know how to keep profits.

  2. EURGBP 14th Feb 2011

    This one, I jump queue without waiting for W.

  3. USDCHF 14th Feb 2011

    Have short this.
    1) Based on ATR, still have room to go down.
    2) MML is 7/8 coming down more.
    3) Best of all, there is a M to confirmed.

    Let's see if going to hit my target.

  4. 14th Feb 2011 Guesses

    This is just a testing using my new system. So whatever written here might not be real. Just guesses. So if you follow it, it will be at your own risk.

    I will only start trading in another 2 to 3 hours, waiting for M & W signals.
    So what is happening now, might not be happening in 2 to 3 hours time.

    THis blog is just to see whether my prediction come true or not or just another cannot make it system I have.


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  5. AUDUSD 11th Feb 2011

    Ha Ha ha,..

    Think I must learn to control my trading...

    Same reason as EU.

    AU is now at -2/8.

    Hope for the best now.

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