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  1. NEW feature - Bloging

    now ... we can BLOG in Indo-investasi !

    rules :

    - all blog material should be a forecast, article or trading journal.
    - No promotion to other site or introducing broker, commercial content

    Please contact admin or me, if you like to make BLOG




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  2. Market Moving News on USD/JPY by AceTrader

    USD/JPY - 82.46..
    Dlr moves sideways in Tokyo morning after staging a minor bounce fm 82.32 in Australia but renewed selling at 82.70 earlier forced price to ratchet lower. Range-trading is expected in Asia after y'day's selloff to 82.19, as mentioned in our Monday's update, Friday's CFTC report showed speculators were long of dlr n short in yen, therefore, last week's decline in the dlr n y'day's weakness wud have flushed out many short yen positions out there.
    Offers are seen at ...
  3. [Share] All My Files~well almost all

    Here is a good way to get into the sharing spirit at II. Help Yourself Everything is in Alphabetical Order.....ENJOY!!!!

    P.S. ...Please DON'T hit the thanks button unless you find something that can be usefull to you. Awesome....ENJOY!!!!


    Check back or PM me for updates....PEACE..
  4. School of Pipsology Pdf

    Even if your new or a Seasoned Trader it's always good to "Sharpen your Sword" from time to Time even if that means going back to school! here is the official [url][email protected][/url] entire school on PDF format just for you! Kudos Please :)

  5. S.T.A.R (SuperTradeSystem) Trading System Trade setups

    This new thread is a companion must for S.T.A.R. traders here @ Indo-Investia

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