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  1. GBPUSD 14th Feb 2011

    All my 4 trades r in profits.

    The problems is whether I know how to keep profits.

  2. GBPUSD 14th Oct 2010

    This is my trade for today. As u have seen.. It crosses +1/8..
    So I am targeting 27pips again (Shorting GU)...

    This time, actually, I am a bit no confident in this trade.... Cos, in M15, it is it is near 5/8... room to goes up..
    But, I still believe in the power of +2/8 & +1/8..

    Good Luck to me in this trade...

    Just an ...
  3. GBPUSD 8th Oct 2010

    I saw this.. And I entered...

    Then it refreshes....

    I exit out... Wahahaha..

    Anyway It is friday.. So be safe than sorry.. Exit out +10pips...

  4. GBPUSD 7th Oct 2010 Trade No. 2

    Just before I going to sleep, I saw my buy limit trade activiate at +2/8.

    Hope I get my 27pips when I wake up..

    Good Night..
    So far, all winning trades (Only 1 trade, wa ha ha ha)

    Let's see how this open trade turn out... Good Luck..

  5. GBPUSD 7th Oct 2010

    Sorry, today, I have set a Sell Limit & I took a afternoon nap.. & it hit. So not able to show that live trade.. So only show this trade..

    If you look at the picture, the MML already refreshes.. So cannot verify.. Wahaha..

    This is my next Sell & Buy Limit setting using MML. All of them are at near - or + 2/8.
    Good luck... ...
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