1. AUDUSD 11th Feb 2011

    Ha Ha ha,..

    Think I must learn to control my trading...

    Same reason as EU.

    AU is now at -2/8.

    Hope for the best now.

  2. EURUSD 11th Feb 2011

    I make a trade again.. This time only a very minor W in EU. I have long this pair
    Maybe I am too fast... Or not maybe...

    Anyway, another reason..

  3. GBPUSD 14th Oct 2010

    This is my trade for today. As u have seen.. It crosses +1/8..
    So I am targeting 27pips again (Shorting GU)...

    This time, actually, I am a bit no confident in this trade.... Cos, in M15, it is it is near 5/8... room to goes up..
    But, I still believe in the power of +2/8 & +1/8..

    Good Luck to me in this trade...

    Just an ...
  4. GBPUSD 8th Oct 2010

    I saw this.. And I entered...

    Then it refreshes....

    I exit out... Wahahaha..

    Anyway It is friday.. So be safe than sorry.. Exit out +10pips...

  5. GBPUSD 7th Oct 2010 Trade No. 2

    Just before I going to sleep, I saw my buy limit trade activiate at +2/8.

    Hope I get my 27pips when I wake up..

    Good Night..
    So far, all winning trades (Only 1 trade, wa ha ha ha)

    Let's see how this open trade turn out... Good Luck..

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